Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Steph...

...I remembered BFF Steph's birthday...I just didn't post about it until now. Steph's birthday is in November...actually the end of Novmeber so with all the holiday cards and posts I figured I would post a belated birthday post for my BFF after the holidays. As you can see I made a special birthday card along with a "special BFF box". Steph's favorite color is purple and well, pink is always cute, so with that in mind the card below was born. I used glossy white paper and stamped the images in Versamark. Then I sprinkled clear embossing powder over the images and used the heat tool to finish embossing it. Then I spounged the pink pirouette in the center of the card. I worked my way outwards with pale plum, perfect plum, and elegant eggplant (in that order). As you can tell I used a little pretties to make it pretty! heehee! Overall I was happy with the way the card turned out and enjoyed the resist technique.

Next I needed to create a special box for BFF Steph's gift. I made a bookmark (that I didn't take a picture of) so the box didn't really need to be that big. To be honest I don't even know the dimensions of the box. I used pink pirouette as my base color and then used DSP "Bella Blossoms". I have to say that the moment I saw the stamp set "Humor in High Heels" I had to have it. It reminded me of Steph and I so much that I refused to use it until I made something with it for her. I wanted to make the dress a little different so I stamped the image three times. First on a piece of white paper (I didn't reink the stamp in between this stamping), then again on the white square I was going to mount the "finished"dress on. I stamped a second image (I reinked this time) on the DSP. I cut out the bottom half of the DSP dress and glued it to the bottom half of my dress that was stamped on the other white piece of paper. I wanted to make sure that the dress looked as "real" as possible so I used the culuzzle to cut out the bottom two petals of the flower on the dress' belt so that I could slide the DSP under it to make the flower fit. I cut out the finished dress and used dimensions to position the dress off to the side of the "shadowed" dress' image. You can see what I'm talking about in the very bottom picture.

What made this box special was that I inserted a piece of matching pink paper inside the box that had the date (just happened to be her birthdate) and the occasion of the gift. I then told her that we would give this box back and forth to each other on special occasions and note it on the paper. I thought it was cute way for us to look back on all our "special" occasions and remember the great times we shared. I'm sure we will both look forward to receiving our "special BFF box" through out the years.

Happy belated birthday Steph. You will always be my embassador of Quan! Love ya!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Reality!

What a wonderful Winter Break I had! Daniel was off as well and we had something to do everyday (with the exception of maybe two days when we did nothing but veg!) We saw a bunch of movies (everyone must go see Seven Pounds...I cried like a baby - no seriously, I even blubbered). We went to Daniel's parents house a couple of times (both times we made tamales - so yummy). We made an impromptu trip to Julian which resulted in us going to Mount Laguna and playing in the snow (I'll post pictures next week). The Monday before Christmas we stayed a night at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort (we had a free nights stay and figured we might as well use it...too bad for them we didn't spend any money {smile}). I baked like crazy and made a ton of yummy treats. I even got a chance to organize all the little things that I have been putting off like the Tupperware cabinet and the spare bedroom. I can't believe I even got a bunch of the filing done. I thought I'd never get to that! Whew! It was a great time off and I think what made it even better was having a "mini" vacation with Daniel. We enjoyed each others company and are so thankful we got some time to recharge our batteries!
So now that I have a fully charged battery I'm ready to kick 2009 off with a bang. My new motto for this year is "Stay Positive" and "Everyday is a new day to change". I figured with all the little goals I've set for myself I need to remember that change doesn't happen overnight - it's over time, hence my motto about change. And staying positive is something I desperately need to do. I too often catch myself being cynical or negative about things and have finally realized that nothing good comes from it. So here's to 2009 and a positive, healthy, happy, joyous New Year!
On to stamping...I intended to post all the picture from my last couple of weeks (all mentioned above) and needed to down load them from the camera. I realized that Daniel left the camera in the truck (which is parked across the street and I'm in my jammies so there will be no going out to get it). He went to the Charger game yesterday but didn't take any pictures. It's probably a good thing seeing as he takes a bunch of pictures that always look like the same thing. I'll post some of our trip to Julian that he took....hysterical...I have 2o picture of the same acre of land that didn't have anything but burnt trees. Gotta love him! Anywho, (sorry... I bird walk!) since I'm not able to show off some of my adventures or even some of the cute stuff I've stamped over the last few weeks I'll have to post some of the stuff I was waiting to post after the holidays. I think I shall start with the baby cards!
We had a flood of baby showers in October/November and I was stuck with making three different baby cards all with in a week of each other. I originally wanted to create one really cute design and then change the colors for each person's shower. That would have worked if everyone wasn't related! {smile} I couldn't mass produce. In retrospect I'm kind of glad as it was a lot of fun and I have to say they turned out pretty darn cute!

Card #1

The first card was made with bashful blue and chocolate chip. I stamped the main image in bashful blue and then used crystal effects the fill in the baby carriage. I sprinkled the blue glitter from SU! cosmo glitter collection. You will notice in the second picture that I used dimensionals to make the image "pop"!
Card #2

The second card was also done in bashful blue and white with a pop of barely banana. I dry embossed on whisper white the polka dots and then adhered it to the bottom half of the card. I then took a small piece of crimped barely banana CS and used glue dots to glue on my buttons. I used hemp twine to add a little something extra to the buttons. I stamped the image in bashful blue and then colored in the moon with a marker in barely banana. I also used crystal effects on the moon to make it stand out.

Card #3

The third card's color combo was certain celery and chocolate chip and kraft CS. I made this one a little different as I made it a pocket card. Sorry about the second picture. You will have to turn your head to the side to get the full effect. You can't really tell from the pictures but I did a lot of paper piercing. All the corners on the pull out card are pierced as well as the piece of certainly celery CS on the front. It was a lot of work, but it added the little something the card was missing.

Hope you enjoy all the baby cards. I have a few birthday cards and a 3D box that I can't wait to share. I'll also post our "winter break" pictures with in the week!

Happy Stamping!
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