Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holiday Planner

I've been meaning to post this and haven't. I got a little caught up in the Stamping Fiesta (don't worry I'll go back to that tomorrow!).

Last month I was trying to think about the up coming holidays and started feeling that overwhelming sense when all of the "to do" list start appearing - you know, shopping lists, baking lists, food menus, organizing the holiday party, decorating for Halloween and then fall and then CHRISTMAS! I'm definitely a planner and BFF Steph is even more of one than I am so I figured if I was stressing in August about Christmas I knew she would be soon.

That's when I made this little holiday planner to help keep Christmas (which lets face it -tends to be the most stressful holiday of them all) organized. No one is more successful at keeping up a planner like Steph so I designed this one with her in mind. For the sake of keeping this post short and sweet I won't give a run down of all the tools and accessories I used, however you're more than welcome to leave me a comment and I'll let you know what I used specifically. Of course I used all Stampin' Up! products and everything coordinated! Below are some pictures showing the inside cover and the tabs. I also made a page marker with the flower ribbon slide from the new Hodgepodge Hardware.

I wrote a little note to personalize it for Steph and also to commemorate the date. I know - mushy mushy!

And there you have it - Steph's 2008 holiday planner. I know she loved it and I loved making it for her. There's nothing better than giving a gift from the heart to someone who genuinely appreciates all that goes into hand stamped (and handmade) items. Happy holiday planning Steph!


BFF STEPH said...

Well that is just a fabulous post!!! And I LOVE my wonderful holiday planner!!! I just pulled it out this weekend and have started compiling recipes!! :]

Traci said...

Hi! I followed you from Organized Christmas, and I must say that I'm loving your planner!

Margo said...

I also followed you from Organized Christmas. I used several of their lists last year and they were a great help. As I was checking out what was new this year, your notebook caught my eye. I absolutely love it. I would like to make one for my grown daughters, and myself of course. Would love the particulars on the supplies you used. Thanks!

Cara said...

I LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it! I may have to make one since my Christmas is very hectic with 3 bithdays (our family) 4 more birthdays (extended family) and our anniversary! yuck - thanks for the great idea.

Nadine said...

Love the Holiday Planner idea. I am a ministers wife and I am planning a Christmas Gathering for about 30. Would love to make each one a planner. Please send info so I can get started!!

Jenn said...

This turned out adorable!!!! And of course Steph has already started using it ;)

She Renner said...

Love your Christmas Planner, are the instructions still available?

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